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    An Extravaganza of Music, Theater, Dance, Painting, Poetry and Food

    There are many tribes on this earth; some are isolated, living as they have lived for centuries. There are other tribes who, whether by choice or by force, have traveled far from their original home and have made new homes in new lands. In this age that we are living in, many people feel that you must agree with them, or else be their enemy. This disrupts any possibility of co-existence amongst the peoples of the earth. We must learn to appreciate our differences, as well as our similarities – then all the tribes can flourish and show their true colors. Every race and culture contains within it many customs, stories, images, dances, costumes, dishes and delights.

    At the Tribal Renaissance, we can begin to share these treasures and give them renewed life. Join us in celebrating a new future. The beginning of a new experience called EMAC - Eclectic Multi-cultural Arts Community.

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