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Boot Up

Boot Up is our cyber society; it is our entry into the world of computer technology.  Local businesses, professionals and the community collaborate in a joint effort to eradicate computer illiteracy.  Through the classes of Boot Up, participants can experience a wide range of programs, beginning with basic computer skills and working toward advanced techniques.  Classes range from fundamental word processing to music mixing and photo editing.  Through the generosity of local businesses, we have a state of the art computer lab with dozens of workstations. 

Computers are made available to local residents, senior citizens, emerging businesses, and students who have no other access to this technology.  Students acquire a range of computer skills, from turning on a computer, through system maintenance to basic word processing.  We introduce the use of the internet as an educational tool.  Students will be able to write a resume and fill out an application online.

As skill levels increase, so do our class offerings.  At the intermediate level we offer a multi-dimensional class in advanced office suite tools.  The students are introduced to advanced programs such as drafting and photo editing.

Advanced classes take an in depth approach to software programs used by businesses today; courses are taught by industry experts.  Our goal is to give participants the skills necessary in their chosen discipline, to acquire an entry level position with a local firm.

Boot Up also provides a place for budding musicians or established musical groups to experiment, using the computer as a creative tool.  They will have the opportunity to hear their creation from initial concept to final recording, all in one place.

Thespians can incorporate new techniques, infusing their productions with digital magic.  Set and costume design, script development, sound enhancement, and lighting design can all be accomplished in our state of the art lab.

Boot Up will offer tuition assistance and scholarships to all advanced courses.  It is the objective of the Boot Up computer literacy program to offer an environment conducive to education, exploration and collaboration. Our goal is to provide a threshold to the digital universe for our community.